The Australian Research Ecosystem

Evidence-based network analysis of higher education research in Australia

The PhD dissertation wiki of Marco Fahmi
Last updated on 2 October 2011


About the dissertation
I am currently writing my dissertation on data-intensive network tools to analyse the Australian research environment. My aim is to understand in a general way how the Australian higher education environment carries out research. I spent a year or so trying to figure out a framework to tie the many aspects of Australian research together and I am leaning towards a complex systems approach.

To demonstrate how the network tools can be used, I look at several dimensions of research (social networks, inter-disciplinarity, research funding, the commercialisation of research, social impact of research etc.) and analyse a number of data sources (research publications, the staff directory of various universities in Australia, the patent and plant breeders' rights database from IPAustralia and other sources).

The final outcome of the dissertation is (the grand vision of) an evidence-based framework for the sustainable development of the research environment in Australia.