2 Why a Research Ecosystem?

The first chapter motivates the project to embark on an investigation of Australian S&T research stewardship. The chapter opens with a brief historical overview of Australian S&T research then touches on a number of challenges that it faces. The chapter highlights to divergence between the historical expectations of the various stakeholder of Australian S&T research from what Australian S&T research currently offers.

1 Introduction

In principle, Australian S&T research is an integral part of the national innovation system. It is a hotbed for competitive research and innovations. In practice, Australian S&T research turns out to be disconnected from the national innovation system. Its purpose is diverted into becoming a source of income for universities and the service economy by catering to an influx of international students.

2 Historical Overview

Advent of the Enterprise University
Academic Capitalism

3 Strategies, Challenges and Failures

the cost of not doing (or delaying) scientific work is not only born by the scientific community but also by society

The role of Australian S&T Research
S&T is no longer confined to its traditional role in the test laboratory. S&T research is increasingly playing a crucial role in the formulation of public policy and addressing a number of global, national and local challenges such as climate change, sustainable living, educating the next generation of innovators, scientists and technicians and increasing the visibility and competitive of Australia's S&T research. More than ever, there is a need for better science communication, increased engagement with other stakeholders, participation in evidence-based policy and a focus on translating S&T research into effective teaching and learning objectives.

Australia's Research Strategy
The objectives of research funding policies
(1) Increase the global competitiveness of Australian research
(2) Increase the relevance of Australian research to the community at large

Failings in the Research Strategy
Australian research is ranked 15th in the world
The role of research is increasingly changing
Disconnect with the rest of Australia's national innovation system

Challenges for the Policymaker
Lack of Clarity
- Hard to identify problems (early)
- Hard to determine the extent of problems
Lack of Reliable Solutions
- Unclear what impact solutions have
- No investigation of root causes (if any)

An Alternative Approach
Need for a clinical approach (better diagnosis)
Need for stewardship (long-term management)

4 Literature Review